Island of all Elements


This is my first journey into Pathfinder as a GM, so bear with me guys.

This campaign world exists on Artie’s world of Knembadj, in a time period before the shattering of the planet. The story will take place on a small island far off to the west of Artie’s map. This island is roughly the size of Missouri (just not the same shape). It has just about every type of terrain type possible, from vast Forest, Volcanos, Tall Mountains, Prairies, even a small inlet where the island’s only harbor resides. Most all races are represented here, and for the most part all of the denizens of the island get a long. This island is not heavily visited, as it is hard for most people to find, and is seemingly hidden by some unseen force (Think Lemuria from Golden Sun). Only a few outside traders know how to get there, and that secret keeps them in business, as this island is the only known place with working Steam Power and Firearms.

This campaign will deal heavily with Elemental magic and creatures, so keep that in mind when building a character. More details about that can be found on the Character Creation Guidelines page.

This will be designed as a Harder campaign, since we are all experienced players and starting at the Epic Point Buy level. Expect most if not all of the Encounters to be at Hard or Higher CR ratings. I’ll adjust them according to party composition somewhat, but I’m not going to make it easy for you if I can help it.

Elemental Fury

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