Elemental Fury

The Water Temple

Hey Listen! (Sorry, I had to)

Having been hired by the Grand Arbiter Aramil to investigate strange happenings at the elemental temples across the island, the party made their eastward, toward wellspring. After a day’s travel and some exciting happenings along the way, the party reached Wellspring in the middle of the night. They stayed the night in town, many of them staying at the Crooked Wench, a local bar/inn/brothel on the docks. Shenanigans ensued, and in the morning, Kain went to visit the temple while the party ate breakfast. Kain learned that about 12 days again, an Undine was seen visiting the temple. He did not speak much, and shortly after he left town the constant rain started, causing the temple to start flooding (the temple rests over the harbor, and constant rain was causing the temple to actually sink partly into the harbor.

The party spoke with the acting high priest of Vapore, asking him if he knew what was going on. Being a newly assigned to his position, he could not offer much help, but the party eventually found a hidden passage under the alter that lead under the main temple building. This passage was wet, but not flooded. It radiated with cold energy, and the party soon found themselves facing all manner of wild beasts. After defeating these beasts, it appeared they were summoned by some unknown force, presumably the Undine Summoner that had visited earlier. After a few encounters, the party found the body of the high priest outside a locked room. Finding the key to the door on the priest, they went into the room to find a large alter frozen in a block of ice and guarded by 4 Wyrmling White Dragons. The party defeated these foes (with a well placed Alchemist’s file and a few well placed arrows). Stelio recalled a song he had once heard in reference the Vapore and began humming it to himself as they investigated this room. As he did so, a stone that was frozen in the ice began to give off a great light and started melting the ice. Eventually, the ice melted and an aspect of Vapore appeared, thanking the party for breaking the seal place upon her alter.

This aspect went on to explain that there are alters for each of the deities in their temples that the high priests use to commune directly with the elemental gods. This group of summoners have found ways to seal these alters, essentially cutting off the gods primary link to this world. She does not know what their final goals are, but she does not that without these links, the gods cannot speak with us or each other.

The session ended with the party exploring the rest of the dungeon and returning to the town.

Total Session XP (per player): 1300.
Total Gold per player: 280 GP (Mark, correct me if I’m wrong)

Everyone should be at 3rd level with 4600 XP

The Beginning
Session 1


Our adventurers have all arrived in the city of Crossroads for the festival of the elements. After wondering the town and attending to any personal visits, they each make their way to watch the opening ceremony, performed by this year’s Grand Arbiter Aramil Liadon. Aramil gives a speech to the gathered crowd then begins his ritual to bring for an aspect of the year’s favored god to bless those in attendance. Something goes terribly wrong however, as soon after the ritual beings, a huge black shadowy dragon swoops down from the clouds and races toward the peak of the Spire. At that same moment, a large group of elemental creatures and strange shadowing creatures called Zoog start attacking the city. Our group, with the help of the city guard and other able bodied people, defeat these attackers. Aramil. having called upon his Bonded Spirit of Illume, came back into the city after flying off to face the group of 5 summoners that brought this hoard upon the city. He looks to be injured, but implores any of those still able to look into the happenings at the Spire. Our group heads the direction, and after a minor encounter with 2 of these rogue summoners, they make their way into the temple, only to catch a shadowing figured sinking into the ground in the center of the shrine room. As one of the adventurers passes over the spot where this figure sank into the group, his ominous message is triggered:
“Hello adventurers, If you have made it this far, you must have made it through my friends. Just know that our work as only begun. Our master <insert name=”true"> wishes to use the power of this island to bring about ruin upon those that hunt his kind! The age of oppression will come to an end and all will bow before the new power of dragons!" Our session ends with the party heading back to Crossroads to report on the situation.


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